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Active Collab has everything you need to collaborate, manage projects, track time, and invoice billable time. Whatever your job may be, we got you covered.

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  • Project Info

    Have a brief project description next to each project.

  • Project Filters

    Find the right project by filtering and sorting the project list.

  • Starred Projects

    Keep your most important projects at the top so they're always at hand.

  • Project Templates

    Save time by creating reusable projects.

  • Unlimited Projects

    Have as many projects as you need.

  • Project Import

    Import your existing projects from Trello and Basecamp.

  • Completed Projects

    Completed projects are kept aside so they don't interfere with current projects.

  • Project Label

    Label projects to indicate their stage.

  • Project Category

    Categorize projects to stay organized.

  • Project Time and Expenses

    Choose on which projects you want to track time and expenses.

  • Project Budget vs Costs

    Set a budget and track how much of it you've spent.

  • Project Progress

    See how many tasks you've completed and how many you have left.


  • Task Lists

    Organize tasks into task lists that fit your workflow.

  • Subtasks

    Break down a task into multiple subtasks and assign a different person to each one.

  • Convert Subtasks to Tasks

    If a subtask proves too complex, you can always convert it to a task.

  • Task Description

    Keep a task name short and sweet and put everything in the description.

  • Assignee

    Assign your team member to a task so they know what to work on.

  • Batch Edit

    Save time by editing multiple tasks at once.

  • Filters

    Find tasks easier by filtering them by due date, assignee, or a label.

  • Custom Sorting

    Drag-and-drop tasks and task lists to rearrange their order.

  • Recurring Tasks

    Create same tasks automatically at regular time intervals.

  • Attachments

    Attach files to a task.

  • Download All Attachments

    Quickly download all the attached files from a task.

  • Start and Due Dates

    Set when a task starts and when it's due.

  • Time Tracking

    Track time for each task so you know how much time you've spent on it.

  • Expenses Tracking

    Track expenses for each task so you know how much money you've spent on it.

  • Time Estimate

    Estimate how much time you'll need to complete the task.

  • Task Priority

    Highlight important tasks so they get the attention the deserve.

  • List View

    Use List View to get a comprehensive overview of all the tasks.

  • Column View

    Switch to Column View to move tasks like cards on a Kanban board.

  • Timeline View

    Switch to Timeline View to see how tasks interact a Gantt-like timeline.

  • Duplicate

    Create an identical task from an existing one.

  • Move to Project

    Move a task between projects.

  • Access Logs

    See who and when accessed a certain task.

  • Subscribers

    Subscribe people to a task so they receive notifications whenever something happens.

  • Hide from Clients

    Hide a task you don't want your clients to see.

  • Reminders

    Remind people about a task by email on a selected date.

  • Comments

    Use comments to discuss the task and collaborate with your team.

  • Mentions

    Mention others in a comment to get their attention.

  • History of Changes

    See everything that happened on a task and when.

  • Completed Tasks

    Complete tasks so they don't interfere with your work.

  • Hidable Task ID

    Choose whether you wish to display the task ID or not.

  • Default Task List Name

    Choose how you'd like to call the task list where uncategorized tasks go.

  • Mail to Task

    Create a task from your inbox by sending an email to project's address.

  • Mail to Comment

    Leave a comment from your inbox by replying to a task's notification email.


  • Comments

    Start a discussion and get the conversation rolling using comments.

  • Recently Active Discussions

    See at a glance all the new and unread discussions.

  • Attachments

    Attach files to a discussion.

  • Rich Text Editor

    Style text to make scanning and reading easier.

  • Subscribers

    Subscribe people so they get a notification whenever there's a new comment.

  • Convert to Task

    Create a task from the discussion and keep all the conversation.

  • Move / Copy to Project

    Move or copy a discussion between projects.

  • Hide from Clients

    Hide a discussion so clients can't see it.

  • History of Changes

    See everything that happened to a discussion and when.


  • Drag-and-Drop Upload

    Drag-and-drop a file from your computer to upload it.

  • List View

    Get a list overview of all the files.

  • Thumb view

    Get a larger preview of each file.

  • Download Files

    Download files from Active Collab.

  • Hide from Clients

    Hide files you don't want clients to see.

  • File Preview

    View office, video, audio, and text files directly in Active Collab without having to download them.

  • Upload Multiple Files

    Drag-and-drop multiple files to quickly upload them all at once.

  • Dropbox and Google Drive

    Attach files from Dropbox and Google Drive just like regular files.


  • Note

    Keep project-related info neatly organized in notes.

  • Collections

    Organize notes into collection.

  • Comments

    Leave comments on a note to discuss it.

  • Versions

    See all the changes made to a note and access earlier versions.

  • Hide from Clients

    Hide notes you don't want clients to see.

  • Subscribers

    Subscribe people to a note so they get notifications when there's an activity.

  • History of Changes

    See what happened to the note since its creation.

  • Move / Copy to Project

    Move and copy notes between projects.

My Work

  • Updates

    All your notifications are in one place so you can easily track updates.

  • Mark All as Read

    Mark all updates as read in one click.

  • My Tasks

    All the tasks you're assigned to in one place so you know what to work on.

  • My Time

    All the time records you logged in one place.

  • My Activity

    Everything you did in Active Collab in one place.

  • Add Tasks and Log Time

    Add tasks and time records without having to go to the project first.


  • Global Activity

    Get an overview of everything that happened in Active Collab.

  • Next / Previous Day

    Catch up with everything that happened on projects the day before.

  • Pick a Day From Calendar

    See exactly what happened in your Active Collab on a particular date.


  • Custom Calendar

    Create custom calendars to keep events separate from projects.

  • Events

    Add an event to a calendar to note down meetings or other important dates.

  • Share Calendar

    Share a calendar with your team members and clients.

  • iCal Export Feed

    Export to Google Calendar, OS X Calendar, Outlook, or any application that supports iCalendar feeds.

  • iCal Feed for Projects

    Import project task and task list dates into your favorite calendar app so you can see what is coming up.

  • Color Coding

    Choose the color you want to display different calendars in.

  • Recurring Events

    Automatically create events that repeat each month, week, or some other time interval.

  • Event Note

    Add a note to an event so you don't forget important stuff.

  • Projects in Calendar

    All your project tasks and tasks lists appear in the Calendar so you know what's coming next.

  • Project Filters

    Choose which projects you wish to display in the Calendar.

  • Display Preference

    Display only the stuff you need, in one click.

  • Task Edit

    Directly edit a task from the Calendar.


  • User Roles

    Assign different roles and control what other people can do in Active Collab.

  • Unlimited Clients

    Invite and collaborate with as many clients as you want.

  • Member Overview

    See a team member's all assigned tasks and their time logs.

  • People List

    See who has access to your Active Collab, their email, and what they can do.

  • Invite People

    Invite new team members and clients whenever you want.

  • Replace User

    Replace a user so their tasks get reassigned to someone else.

  • Companies

    Organize clients into different companies and bill them.

  • Company Contact Details

    Save contact details for each company and use it for invoicing.

  • Custom Hourly Rates Per Company

    Use different hourly rates, depending on who you work for.

  • Company Invoices

    Access all the invoices you created for the company from their profile page.

  • Teams

    Organize people into teams so you can invite and mention them faster.

  • Archive

    Archive users who no longer use your Active Collab to keep their data and free member seats.

  • Add to Team

    Quickly add a person to a team.

  • Manage People

    Manage who can access what projects and what they can do.

  • Invitation Link

    Manually invite a new user by sending them the invitation link.

  • Invite Not Accepted Notification

    See who accepted your invitation to Active Collab and logged-in.


  • Recurring Invoices

    Automatically send an invoice at regular time intervals.

  • Paid & Canceled Invoices

    Access all your paid and canceled invoices whenever you need them.

  • List / Thumb view

    Choose what view suits you the best.

  • Invoice Status

    Manage your invoices by checking their status and take action.

  • Overdue Reminders

    Set an automatic overdue reminder to gently remind the client to pay.

  • Send by Email

    Create an invoice and send the PDF to your client by email.

  • Online Payment

    Let your clients pay the invoices online with their credit card or PayPal.

  • Mark Payment

    Note how much of the invoice was paid.

  • Download PDF

    Get a PDF version of your invoices.

  • Access Logs

    See who accessed an invoice and when.

  • Cancel Invoice

    You can always cancel an invoice if you made a mistake.

  • Edit Invoice

    You can always make adjustments to invoices before sending them.

  • Private Comments

    Add a private comment to an invoice which only you can see.

  • Invoice Note

    Provide additional information regarding the invoice.

  • QuickBooks Integration

    Create invoices with data from Active Collab and send it to QuickBooks for further processing.

  • Xero Integration

    Create invoices with data from Active Collab and send it to Xero for further processing.

  • Tax Rate Per Item

    Add a tax rate to each invoice item.

  • Second Tax Rate

    Add a second tax rate, if you need.

  • Discount

    Delight your clients with a discount.

  • Item Grouping

    Choose how you wish to group invoice items.

  • Note and Item Templates

    Reuse notes and items you use often.

  • Multiple Currencies and Languages

    Issue invoices to anyone in the world in their currency and language.

  • Due On

    Set a due date to make sure you get paid.

  • Invoice Designer

    Control how you wish your invoices to look like.

  • Default Currency

    Choose the default currency for your invoices.


  • Status

    Manage your estimates by their status.

  • Duplicate

    Duplicate an estimate if you need a similar one, and then edit it.

  • Create an Invoice

    Create an invoice from an estimate and send it to get paid.

  • Start a Project

    Use an estimate and its budget as a basis for a new project.

  • Download PDF

    Get an estimate in the PDF format.

  • Won & Lost Estimates

    Access all your won and lost estimates whenever you need them.

  • List / Thumb view

    Choose what view suits you the best.

  • Access Logs

    See who accessed an estimate and when.

  • Estimate Note

    Provide additional information regarding the estimate.

  • History of Changes

    See everything that happened to an estimate and when.

Time & Expenses Tracking

  • Job Types and Hourly Rates

    Define job types and hourly rates so you can make invoices based on tracked time.

  • Billable Time Records

    Choose which time records are billable.

  • Descriptions

    Document each time record, detailing what was done.

  • Hide From Clients

    Choose whether you wish to allow clients to see time records and expenses or not.

  • Expense Categories

    Categorize expenses to stay organized.

  • Timer App

    Track time using our desktop app, which acts as a stopwatch for your tasks.

  • Minimum Time Entry

    Choose the minimum time entry for a time record.

  • Rounding Interval

    Choose how to round time records.

  • Timesheet

    Get a quick overview of all time records on a project.


  • Restore / Delete

    You always have a second chance before deleting something forever.

  • Filter

    Filter items to find the thing you're looking for.

  • Empty Trash

    Delete everything in trash in one click.


  • Invoices

    Find and filter all the invoices that meet certain criteria

  • Payments

    Get an overview of all your payments.

  • Uninvoiced

    Get an overview of all your uninvoiced billable time and expenses so you can invoice them.

  • Projects

    Find and filter all the projects that meet certain criteria.

  • Tasks

    Get a list of all the tasks that fill a certain criteria.

  • Projects Timeline

    See all your projects on a Gantt-like timeline.

  • Team Timeline

    See how much work each team member has on a Gantt-like timeline.

  • Workload

    See task distribution across team members.

  • Time Tracking

    Get an overview of all time records across projects.

  • Advanced Time Report

    Find and filter all the time records that meet certain criteria.

  • Expense Tracking

    Get an overview of all expenses across projects.

  • Estimated vs Tracked Time

    See how well you plan projects and estimate time.

  • Project Budget vs Cost

    See how much money you've spent and where it went to.

  • CSV Export

    Export each report's data in a CSV file for advanced data manipulation.

  • Presets

    Save reports you run often so you can always have the latest information in one click.


  • Default Language

    Use Active Collab in Dutch, English, French, German, Polish, or Spanish.

  • Profile Photo

    Upload your photo and use it as your avatar.

  • Auto-detect Time Zone

    Active Collab will automatically recognize and use your time zone.

  • Email Notification Settings

    Control how much email you want to receive from Active Collab.

  • Daily Report Emails

    Get a personalized email each morning, which contains everything you need to know that day.

  • Sidebar Background

    Personalize Active Collab with beautiful photos from

  • Default Home Screen

    Get exactly where you want every time you log in.

  • Date Format

    Choose the date format you're most comfortable with.

  • Time Format

    Choose the time format you're most comfortable with.

  • First Day of the Week

    Choose what's the first day of the week in your country.


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