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(Jan 10, 2014)

Release notes: - Added 365 days to the Schedule Options select to trigger events every number of month...

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Works with:
  • activeCollab v2.3
  • activeCollab v3.0
  • activeCollab v3.1
  • activeCollab v3.2
  • activeCollab v3.3
  • activeCollab v4.0
  • activeCollab v4.1
  • activeCollab v4.2
Author: Stas Kuzma
You spend too much time in activecollab on the same actions creating tasks that occur periodically: meetings, conversations, maintenance, etc. Now you won’t have to worry about it – system will make everything according to your template you made at “Recurring tasks” tab under specific project.

You can create rules of using this tab to different groups of users based on Project Roles of system.

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How it works?

Creating Recurring Tasks:

You have several tickets/tasks/subtasks that should be executed once in several days. Go to “Your Project”-> Recurring tasks tab and click on New Recurring Task. Select ticket/task/subtask from the list you want to create template from.

Based on that your template will be created along with responsible, assignees, tasks, Milestone, Title and Description of the ticket.

There are 3 Scheduled Options:
– Every week on specific days;
– Specific days of the month;
– Execute every number of days starting from start date;

Also it is required to check the due in period when each task will be “Due in” after the date it is created.

There are also “Start Date” and “End Date” fields that you should select during what period of time this template will be actual.

The template will inherit the following fields from the object you’ve selected: Title, Description, Milestone, Priority, Responsible and Assignees. Once created you can edit Recurring task template as you’d like it to create tickets in future if anything differs from the ticket you’ve selected during Recurring task creation.

Note: You should set up daily scheduled task at described here – or you can see instructions at your Admin->Scheduled Tasks page

Managing Recurring Tasks:
When you are located at the “Recurring Tasks” page you see the list of Recurring tasks templates you’ve created under relevant Milestones.

Short information about each template includes:
* Title of the template;
* Who is responsible and all assignees;
* Start and End dates the template is valid;
* # of Remaining times this template will execute;
* When the ticket expires(Due in) once it’s created.

You can click on the template to see more details information and edit it if you want something to be changed.

– Tickets Module should be installed.


avatar Guest 2010-06-01 8:33
I looked at the video and this comes close to something that would be helpful. However, it looks like it is geared toward weekly tasks. Is there an ability to handle recurring tickets that may be needed monthly or a custom interval (such as every 90 days)? If not, is that an enhancement you’re likely to make?
avatar Stas Kuzma 2010-06-02 2:18
Hi Sean,

We’ll integrate several features in the next update that is coming soon and make module more flexible.
avatar Stas Kuzma 2010-06-07 9:39
Sean, now you have ability to create tickets with two more scheduled options, every number of days starting from start date and on monthly basis on chosen dates.
avatar Panagiotis Kosmidis 2010-06-12 5:35
I’m not interested so much on recurring tasks, personally I need recurring milestones. Will it be possible?
avatar Stas Kuzma 2010-06-14 2:36
We’ll take this feature into consideration for the next release, after we launch HR Manager Module.
avatar Guest 2010-09-08 5:14
Where would I log the time in recurring tasks
avatar Stas Kuzma 2010-09-20 7:06
In recurring tasks tab you’ll see only templates according to which Tickets will be created. IT would be ordinary tickets where you couold log time as usually you do in tickets.
avatar Guest 2011-01-05 5:09

I have seen the Video tour and manual. Can you please clarify is there an option to create a recurring task for every month.
Can you please provide me the live demo link.

avatar Stas Kuzma 2011-02-10 6:02
sorry but there is no live demo only video tour.

BTW, we are releasing new version with recurring tasks inside tickets soon. Will keep everyone updated.
avatar Chris B. @ SilenceIT 2011-05-02 7:45
Our copy of this has a bug: it only creates one task within the ticket despite there being several tasks in the template.
avatar moonkindred 2011-05-13 2:47
How do I get recurring events to show up in the calendar? Thank you.
avatar Stas Kuzma 2011-06-03 8:01
Module is updated to the next version with this bug fix. If you didn’t get update previously, please fill in contact form on

All tasks of tickets will be shown as soon as they are created. All reccuring events could be found on dashboard in activity or at specific project-Recurring tasks tab
avatar erwerwerwr 2011-09-21 1:31
if this can support (or you add support for this) the following then I would be interested in purchasing this module.

My IT guys need to be able to duplicate a ticket / tasks by the click of a button, the only thing that would be different would be that the date would be today, and not the original task / ticket date.
avatar Bart Dabek 2012-04-04 2:07
Will you make this available for ac3?
avatar Bart Dabek 2012-04-04 2:09
also can this be extended to time entries… so that if for example we have a time entry repeat which is website hosting once a month we don’t actually want to go in and add time to a task each month it should just add 1 of that task type per occurrence…

thinking more in ac3 then anything
avatar Stas Kuzma 2012-04-13 3:18
We are almost ready to launch vrsion to support activecollab 3. We ar just waiting for stable release. We’probably reelase it next week. According to 1 year free updates, all customers will valid support will get it for free.
avatar jay2 2012-07-04 2:30
I purchased the Recurring Tasks module yesterday. Installed it on Version 3.1.8 and I seem to have a problem. The recurring task is created, however there is no box or way to complete the task. The video you show on the site shows a radio box to click when tasks is completed. But on version 3.1.8 there is no box. Please see image:
avatar Stas Kuzma 2012-07-20 3:40
@Jay, Please download 2.1 release in order to fix it
avatar Guest 2012-09-05 5:47
I got this recurring tasks module for AC 3.1.10 – had problems with clean urls. Stas fixed it the same day, and made improvements to the module in a bunch of other areas based on our thoughts. Very impressive. Great module. Great support.

@Stas, thanks so much! We appreciate it.
avatar Ken D. 2012-10-30 7:17
It looks like this module will not create recurring tasks. It will only create task templates which you can use to manually create new tasks as needed. But you must manually create that task every time you want a recurrence. Is this correct? If so, this module should actually be called "Task Templates."

Or am I missing something?
avatar Stas Kuzma 2012-11-28 5:19
You are not missing anything. It creates templates, but based on current tasks or sub-tasks. You’ll need to create Task or Sub-Task first time and only them make it recurring with the help of template that includes schedule options and other parameters for it to trigger even if your task is move to trash or archived.
So we consider it more reasonable than only setting some task recurring as it can be deleted or archived
avatar Guest 2013-01-28 7:44
We were wondering if this is compatible with 3.2 yet?
avatar Stas Kuzma 2013-02-13 11:31
Yes, it’s compatible with 3.2.x
avatar Guest 2013-05-03 9:38
Is there an ability to handle recurring tickets that may be needed annual or a custom interval (such as every 90 days)?
avatar Stas Kuzma 2013-05-07 8:04
There is an option to select every number of days
avatar Guest 2013-06-03 4:26
We were wondering if this is compatible with 3.3.11 yet?
avatar Guest 2013-06-07 2:02
Hi Stas,

Currently on AC 3.3.12, any idea of when Recurring Tasks 3.4 will work correctly again?

It’s kind of urgent, as we rely on it for ensuring repeat work is correctly allocated!

Thanks, Lee
avatar Guest 2013-06-07 2:44
Thanks, seems I just need to upgrade to 3.4 – sorry for the false alarm :)
avatar Stas Kuzma 2013-07-05 1:37
For all the support please use our Support Center here:

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