Task Management

Stay on top of your work while juggling between multiple projects. Each project has task lists and everything else that goes with it - from files and discussions to time records and expenses.

Your work in one place

Everyone has their own dashboard that's just about their work. It's the place to track updates and see what you have to work on next.

Task filtering

Immediately find what you want. Organize tasks into lists and filter them by people, labels, or due dates. Or run a report to list everything on one page.

Seamless workflow

Creating new tasks is quick and easy. You can also attach files, set due dates, add reminders, leave comments, and stay notified about updates.

Team Collaboration

Communication is what makes or breaks any project. Active Collab was designed to help people connect and stay on the same page.

All-in-one calendar

Stay on top of every deadline. You can add your own custom dates and events, or just see what's on the horizon for your projects.


You can start discussions and mention people to get instant answers. Unlike email, your messages in Active Collab never get lost.

Collaborative writing

Create notes, then let others make edits and leave comments. Every change is saved and you can see the full revision history anytime.

Time Tracking

Track the time you spend working and bill your clients accurately. You can even set different hourly rates for companies and projects.

Log time on projects

Set hourly rates for job types and add time records as you work on a project. You’ll then be able to use this for invoicing and reports.

Timer App

The Timer is your stopwatch for tasks. With a single press of a button, you'll be able to track time and then send it to Active Collab. Coming Soon.

Time tracking reports

List all the time you and your team spent on a project. Active Collab then calculates the billable hours and shows how much money you've made.


Your hard work isn’t free. To help you cash in on all your efforts, Active Collab can create and send invoices with your own branding in a matter of minutes.

Track payments

Keep track of all your issued invoices and their status in one place. When a payment is overdue, Active Collab can remind your clients automatically.

Online payments

Set up PayPal and/or credit card payment gateways for your clients. You'll then be able to receive payments instantly after issuing invoices.

Other Features

Our goal is to be your swiss army knife of project management. We make sure you get a lot of neat features that'll make your work easier.

Project cost estimates

You can create cost estimates and pitch them to clients. If the proposal gets approved, you can convert it to a project and start working right away.


Get the information you need by running a report to list all open tasks, the team's workload, or the estimated time to complete a project.


Thanks to fine folks from everyone on your team can customize how their Active Collab looks. Custom themes coming soon!

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