Hello everyone,

activeCollab Community Forum is retired. We would like to say thanks to everyone who contributed and made it such a great place. Special thanks goes to the top contributors: Nathan, Wilhelm, Nirav and Guy.

Community members used the Forum to:

• Get the news about new releases, related products, tips and tricks. All new features are announced in What's New section of activeCollab's Help, and we publish tips and tricks on our Blog. If you prefer being notified about changes once a month, then please subscribe to our newsletter.

• Discuss things with other community members. You're invited to continue doing that by interacting with our community on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

• Get support. Our support team is available for any inquiries. You can get in touch with our agents using phone, chat or email.

• Suggest improvements and features. activeCollab wouldn't have been the same without your feedback, so please keep it coming. To send a feature suggestion or give feedback on any of the current features, please email us at suggestions@activecollab.com.

activeCollab Team