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avatar d b design studio Pro Oct 17. 2007. 2:55 pm
I am thinking of trying out the 30 day demo, but am wondering if the hosted version I am going to use will always be the latest and greatest version. Will you guys be updating these hosted demos with these updates you keep mentioning or will it be set at whatever the latest version was when the trial started? So if an update comes out a couple weeks after my demo started will my demo account be updated too? | web print multimedia
avatar Goran Radulović Staff Oct 17. 2007. 4:05 pm
Yes, it will be updated regularly.
Goran Radulovic
A51 DOO | Cofounder
avatar d b design studio Pro Oct 17. 2007. 4:39 pm
Thanks! :) | web print multimedia
avatar michellk Oct 17. 2007. 7:47 pm
Can you indicate the version in the demo - maybe not just the demo e.g. the 'powered by' alt text for the aC logo at the bottom could be updated to include the version number?
avatar Oct 18. 2007. 8:37 am
+1 for adding the version number in the demo.
avatar d b design studio Pro Oct 18. 2007. 2:16 pm
I am trying out the 30 day hosted demo and I get this error message when I try to add a new project:

Fatal error: Call to a member function getName() on a non-object in /u/sites/sloga/webroot/activecollab/application/modules/system/helpers/function.select_user.php on line 89 | web print multimedia

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