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avatar MarkOs Aug 14. 2008. 2:15 am
**message updated for 1.1.4 version and new time estimate feature**

**ZIP with edited files is attached to the second post**


I have a client using Activecollab and they've very kindly let me trial it with them for my own stuff providing I help them out with a few minor tweaks and changes. We've just done some work on the tickets page which addresses some requests i've seen a few people have mentioned on the forums so i'm here letting you know about them and actually use them yourselves if you wish :)


This update is a series of hacks to the AC core code which achieve the following:

- View ticket category on tickets page (inline) - thanks ilja and ncrossland for the heads up there -
- View ticket due date where due dates are assigned (inline)
- View ticket full details from the tickets page (javascript show/hide)
- Add time against tickets from the tickets page
- Add time estimate against tickets from the tickets page (simple time budgeting solution)


Extract ZIP to your desktop. They should extract to a folder called 1.1.4.
Upload the 2 folders contained inside (and their contents) to the root of your activecollab installation directory. There are various files included, some are modifications to existing AC files and some are new. They are all put into the appropriate directory structure inside the zip so that they replace the right files in your installation.

Files included are:

index.tpl - _activecollab_root/activecollab/application/modules/tickets/views/tickets (replace)
_ticket_form.tpl - _activecollab_root/activecollab/application/modules/tickets/views/tickets (replace)
view.tpl - _activecollab_root/activecollab/application/modules/tickets/views/tickets (replace)
Ticket.class.php - _activecollab_root/activecollab/application/modules/tickets/models/tickets (replace)
TicketsController.class.php - _activecollab_root/activecollab/application/modules/tickets/controllers (replace)
main.js - _activecollab_root/public/assets/modules/tickets/javascript (new file - also need to create "javascript" directory)
down.gif - _activecollab_root/public/assets/modules/tickets/images (new file)


-These are core 'hacks' and so considerably modify the core code of some Activecollab files. If you upgrade Activecollab at any stage the modifications will need to be made again to the new files.

-These are hacks to the Activecollab v1.1.4 code base. They will work with 1.1.3 ONLY.

-These modifications are still a bit rough at the moment. Lots of code copied from elsewhere and modified to suit our needs, so lots of commented out lines and general rubbish that we will clean up later. Releasing these is not just a nice thing for us to do but also will help us bug fix if required as people notice mistakes etc...

-We are not providing support for these and will not guarantee that we will make changes to new versions of Activecollab that quickly. If you choose to upgrade your AC as upgrades are released, expect to wait a month or 2 for us to move these upgrades to that version.

That's it I think. Any problems or suggestions please post in this thread.

Many thanks to Ilja and the team for this great software :)

avatar MarkOs Aug 14. 2008. 3:01 am
My apologies - I forgot to include one file so have removed the zip from above and replaced below. Comments updated above to include modifier.truncate.php with Smarty.

Note to Ilja - I found the smarty truncate function really useful in building this so that I could truncate ticket and category titles to a certain length and make everything fit better. Is it possible to include this modifier in future AC updates as part of Angie?

**EDIT: file updated for 1.1.4 version. Truncate function is no longer used so ignore comments above **
avatar Ilija S. Staff Aug 14. 2008. 9:50 am
Hi Mark,

Thanks for sharing. I'm sure many activeCollab users will find this information useful.

Note to Ilja - I found the smarty truncate function really useful in building this so that I could truncate ticket and category titles to a certain length and make everything fit better. Is it possible to include this modifier in future AC updates as part of Angie?

Try excerpt modifier that ships with Angie. Although not as powerful as truncate (as far as I saw by briefly looking at the code) it gets the job done and is uses in rest of the application.
avatar Jim Morrison Pro Aug 14. 2008. 11:50 am
Nice work MarkOs :-)

Goes a long way to address a FReq I made the other day:

avatar michael.a Aug 15. 2008. 8:11 pm
These hacks will be essential for me, once I get around to buying (waiting on 1 or 2 key features).

Thanks for sharing.
avatar MarkOs Sep 17. 2008. 10:30 am
Hi all,

I have updated my original ticket page hacks to the AC 1.1.3 version.

I have also added a very simple time budgeting solution. Now when you edit a ticket, an additional Time Estimate field is at the bottom for you to add a simple integer (hour) value. The data is displayed in the Ticket View screen so that you can compare to the actual ticket time.

I haven't currently brought this budget through to the time reports yet but hope to do this at some stage.

Changes noted and provided in the first and second posts of this thread.

Any questions, let me know :)
avatar Jim Morrison Pro Sep 17. 2008. 10:39 am
Hi Marc,

That sounds great ... but how do we get hold of your new update files? ( Am I being thick? ) :-)


avatar MarkOs Sep 17. 2008. 10:56 am
Zip is attached to the second post :)
Also - first post has been modified with all details of the changes and info installation etc...

For some reason I can't edit my first post and add new files to it. Don't know if that's a bug or a 'feature' of Ilja's forum software! ;o)
avatar Ilija S. Staff Sep 17. 2008. 11:04 am
It's a feature, of course :)

Just kidding, we'll need to check what is going on with attachments to first post. Thanks for sharing - many people like this mod.
avatar buff Pro Oct 7. 2008. 5:33 am
Does this functionality work with 1.1.14?

My project is billable and I don't want to run too much risk. How stable is this modification to core functionality?
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