Release: Notifications module, automatic reminders (UPDATED)

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avatar Valdemar May 21. 2009. 3:56 pm
Hi all,

Been reinstalling my laptop and while setting up Eclipse and other dev stuff, I thought I'd give module development for aC a go. So I put together the first version of a Notifications module. It uses the Scheduled Tasks function of aC and sends out emails to assignees of tasks, milestones and checklists due in x-number of days (or current day). Note: It does NOT require hacking of core files.

New version (1.1) features the following:

* Select any time of day to send emails
* Notification of Milestones, Tickets and Checklists
* Notify 1 to 7 days in advance (before due date)
* Notify on due day
* Notify only responsible assignee
* Notify only assignees from the owner company (your clients won't be bothered by notifications)
* Fully localized and polished interface
* Customize notification e-mails in the standard e-mail template editor

New in version 1.2:

* Only send notification on not completed items

To install, read the INSTALL text file, or just unzip and upload, and enable in Admin interface.

If you find this module helpful, feel free to donate.

Moderation Note (Feb 26th 2010):

Another update is available in comment #44. Enhancements + activeCollab 2.3 compatibility.
Casper Valdemar, aC hacker ;)
avatar T-Systems Pro May 22. 2009. 1:54 pm
thank you for sharing, I will test it.

avatar didier_grossemy May 24. 2009. 7:50 am
will this work for tickets?
avatar Valdemar May 24. 2009. 9:25 am
Yes, it works for Tickets, Milestones and Checklists... everything with a due date - let me know if I forgot something.
Casper Valdemar, aC hacker ;)
avatar Ilija S. Staff May 24. 2009. 9:51 am
Just check fields where due_on IS NOT NULL and you get types all objects (regardless of their type) that module like this should handle.

Nice work Valdemar :)
avatar Milos May 25. 2009. 1:28 am
This is a very nice module.

Valdemar, would it be possible to add an option, where the reminders will be sent every day until the due date? What I mean by this is that when you set the days before due date to remind assignees, can the reminders run from that date till due date. So if something was due in 2 days, and my reminder setting was to remind people 2 days before it was due. Can the reminders be sent daily until due date?

Thanks for a wonderful addition. - freelance web developer, melbourne
avatar Valdemar May 25. 2009. 2:41 pm
This is a very nice module.


Valdemar, would it be possible to add an option, where the reminders will be sent every day until the due date?

Yep, it's possible. Requires a little restructuring though, but it shouldn't be hard to do.

I've posted a new polished version with some more features.
Casper Valdemar, aC hacker ;)
avatar MarkA Pro May 29. 2009. 6:54 am
Hi Valedemar, you have done great job with this model .. I think aC guys should post it under the download items..
I got two questions for you:
1- How do I change the mail from for the notification, currently it shows:
2- you mentioned you published new polished version.. where is that posted and is it different from the one above.

avatar Valdemar May 29. 2009. 7:20 am
Hi MarkA,

1) I use the built-in mailing function of aC, hence you must change the global mailing settings in Admin > Mailing > Notifications From.

2) The latest release is the 1.1 version above, and I've posted it to the download section as well (I guess it should be there by now).


Casper Valdemar, aC hacker ;)
avatar MarkA Pro May 29. 2009. 7:41 am
thank you Valdemar.. I just checked mailing settings and the Notification from is set correctly.. the only thing i can think of is that Mailing type is set to Native.. would that be the reason?
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