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avatar T-Systems Pro Jan 8. 2010. 9:04 am
Thank you bringing that up again!
I installed bean_nwfc's version and it works great in AC v2.1.4.

Thank you bean_nwfc for sharing!

avatar jurgenswaans Pro Jan 19. 2010. 8:36 pm
can't seem to get the expand button to work. everything is expanded with me.
avatar mphillips Feb 18. 2010. 5:47 pm
Hello all,

I made these changes to our firm's 2.3 release and thought I would share. Here is the readme:


This patch will make several improvements to the ticket display page in activeCollab v2.3.x. This patch is based off of bean_nwfc's patch ( which was based off of MarkOs's patch for 1.1.3 (

This has only been tested on v2.3 so be careful applying these patches to future releases. Make sure you make backups first!


+ Display assignees and due date
+ Display category along with the ticket
+ Adds a ticket content expander and collapser to quickly show the ticket content
+ Adds an edit button to quickly edit a ticket

To install, you can either:

1. Copy the updated files to overwrite the originals:


2. Use the patch files to manually or automatically apply the changes:


Many thanks to the authors of the previous versions :)

avatar ActiveLabs - Nathan S. Dev Feb 19. 2010. 7:59 am
Thanks for sharing this! Would you be able to share a screenshot of how your update looks in 2.3 -- that would be great.
avatar mphillips Mar 3. 2010. 6:54 pm
Here is what it looks like in 2.3.
avatar Pro Mar 4. 2010. 10:21 pm
Thanks for sharing the screenshot - looks great.
avatar ActiveLabs - Nathan S. Dev Mar 5. 2010. 12:10 am
Thanks for posting the screenshot, I'm going to apply this to my setup tonight -- looks like it will be very helpful.
avatar michielvoo Mar 8. 2010. 8:44 pm
I have applied the latest hack from mphillips to our 2.3 installation and it works great. It is a must-have feature, thanks MarkOs, bean_nwfc and mphillips!

One thing I noticed though, is that it doesn't show a due date when the due date is today, is that correct?
avatar Leon Poole Dev Mar 11. 2010. 12:22 pm
@mphillips Thanks for the update to this original hack by MarkOs! It's a great little improvement we still find really useful.
avatar Frederik (Dwarf) Pro Jun 10. 2010. 9:52 am
I was searching for modifications for tickets listing when I stumbled over this thread. I applied mphillips' patch and began modifying various parts to suit our needs, as we have stripped out the starring functionality. After looking through his code, I wasn't quite happy with partially the html and javascript parts, as the expanders and content divs are marked with the same id's, so I reworked bits and pieces and streamlined some css errors.

I've attached my changes to his patch and it looks (almost) alike in FF 3.6, IE7/8 and Safari 5.

Edit: I rewrote the javascript so it doesn't "pollute" the jQuery namespace anymore.
Best regards

Frederik Sauer
Dwarf A/S
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