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avatar darius Oct 28. 2009. 5:37 pm
OK, now it's clear. Here it is version 0.3.6 with not hard encoded urls.
avatar kaitlyn2004 Oct 28. 2009. 5:52 pm
When I load the page I get an error from the AJAX (404), it's trying to fetch:

[my ac path]/public/index.php?path_info=fast_add%2Fmilestones1

Not sure why there is a "1" at the end - assume it's supposed to be ommitted or a urlencode()'ed "/1"

Update: When I change the project, URLs like:
[my ac path]/public/index.php?path_info=fast_add%2Fmilestones4&_=1256752315963

Looks like just adding %2F to the end of milestone_url is sufficient
avatar darius Oct 28. 2009. 8:26 pm
I understand where is a problem, but I see I need to turn my friendly urls of to test this. Where is it? I cannot find it.
avatar kaitlyn2004 Oct 28. 2009. 8:27 pm
It's within that script tag... you have {$milestone_url} and I suppose your script just appends the project id at the end, but a "/" ("%2F") is needed at the end of {$milestone_url}
avatar darius Oct 28. 2009. 8:30 pm
No, I am speaking about AC. How do I turn off friendly urls in AC?
avatar marcel2 Nov 4. 2009. 12:26 pm
it's in the main config file - you need to add


I am also having issues - I've got 0.3.6 and it installed fine, but I can't see anything other than the dashboard, no matter what URL I try from the one on your blog post or the ones written in here...
avatar darius Nov 12. 2009. 7:34 am
Recently I answered the same question in my blog:

So have you followed this link in administration?
Maybe you could post what you get?
avatar marcel2 Nov 13. 2009. 10:56 am
I was being dumb - After I finally configured everything right I didn't see the admin interface section, and hadn't enabled it. Working now, thanks very much!
avatar darius Mar 2. 2010. 9:47 am
I've released and uploaded a version for those, who were using Active Collab installations with urls via path_info (like kaitlyn2004) . Now it should work for all :)
avatar Erik Pro Mar 9. 2010. 9:27 pm
Any chance we can get a new download link? : )
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