Has anybody integrated aC with Git ? #scm

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avatar rafi Pro Mar 11. 2010. 8:49 pm
There's someone who built a source module before the official module came out (I think his name is Vladimir?), but both of them integrated with Subversion.

Has anybody integrated activeCollab with Git ?
avatar rafi Pro May 19. 2010. 6:42 pm
avatar Ilija S. Staff May 19. 2010. 7:35 pm
Hello Rafi,

Sorry, I haven't heard of anyone providing GIT support for activeCollab's Source modul. We'll consider development of such integration as core feature, but since we don't use GIT ourselves, it may take a while (there are also some more important task on our to do list at the moment).
avatar rafi Pro May 19. 2010. 7:45 pm
Thanks for your reply Ilija. Myself, after working for 2 years with SVN with a group of 5+ programmers, I cannot even think of the idea to work again with SVN. Git is a superior DVCS which turns collaboration into real fun, and very very strong helpful commands. Check it out.

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