Release: Notifications module, automatic reminders (UPDATED)

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avatar Apps Magnet - Nirav Mehta Dev Mar 3. 2010. 5:56 pm
Thank you. Will keep that in mind!

Anyone else with prioritized list of feature requests? :)
avatar seank Mar 15. 2010. 6:00 pm
Unfortunately, we're still getting the "Object" placeholder even after upgrading to the latest version. Has anybody else run into this issue?
avatar Apps Magnet - Nirav Mehta Dev Mar 16. 2010. 5:11 am
Hi Sean,

What's your PHP version? The code relies on __toString() method of the DateTime object to return a textual representation of the date. We can get it explicitly as well. But would like to know more about your PHP environment so we can make any other changes as well.

avatar seank Mar 16. 2010. 8:07 pm
We're currently running PHP 5.1.6 (cli) (built: Jan 13 2010 17:13:05)
(updated with more detail)

avatar Apps Magnet - Nirav Mehta Dev Mar 17. 2010. 4:10 am
Thanks for the additional information. We will test and update the release as required.
avatar animoller Jun 28. 2010. 9:28 pm
I am getting notifications for trashed items, such as tickets. I can't seem to find a way to turn this off. How do I turn this off?
avatar Apps Magnet - Nirav Mehta Dev Jun 29. 2010. 5:14 am
We have fixed this problem. Fix available in version 1.4.

You can download it using the same link you got in the original confirmation email.

Download Notifications Module 1.4 for free from here

avatar jphilbert Mar 21. 2012. 11:35 am
I love the module but had to turn it off.

Any updates on if/when you can add that it ignores projects that have status of paused, canceled or completed.

People were getting emails on all project regardless of project status.
avatar Apps Magnet - Nirav Mehta Dev Mar 21. 2012. 12:43 pm

We have a few more planned additions to notifications module, but let me see if we can release something sooner...

avatar jphilbert Mar 21. 2012. 4:44 pm
Very nice thanks for the response ... I would love to hear what you have planned for it .... but if you can release a fix sooner that would be GREAT, I really love the reminders .... helps me and others stay on track.
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