Git integration

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avatar nick_carzen Pro Oct 24. 2010. 7:29 pm
GIT +1
avatar Lex Rivera Pro Oct 25. 2010. 9:12 am
+1 for git.
Many developers prefer DVCS over traditional centralized VCS.
avatar bruno2 Pro Nov 24. 2010. 4:21 pm
One more fot GIT, we much prefer it however we also use SVN to access other peoples projects.
avatar hugues Pro Jan 11. 2011. 2:18 pm
avatar ucfwebcom Pro Jan 13. 2011. 8:56 pm
It has been 1 year since this was originally requested. Any updates?
avatar Ilija S. Staff Jan 13. 2011. 9:28 pm
It has been 1 year since this was originally requested. Any updates?

Sorry, we don't comment on features that are not yet part of activeCollab, until they are part of activeCollab. If we add this to the system, we'll let everyone know about it, don't worry.
avatar felipellrocha Jan 22. 2011. 7:13 am
I gotta say. I was excited about activecollab until I noticed it had no Git support.
Git is so popular these days, that I think, if you guys added support for it, you guys would easily be the #1 project management tool out there.

Git +1
avatar Oxido Pro Jan 27. 2011. 9:00 am
Git +1 :)
avatar jp Pro Jan 31. 2011. 2:22 pm
avatar nathanael Pro Feb 2. 2011. 5:39 am
Git +1.
We just moved all our SVN repositories to GIT. It is so much nicer but I do miss the integration with AC
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