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avatar Guy Cortesi Dev Jan 26. 2010. 2:27 am
Has anything new happened relating to documenting the development of modules, potentially in a Wiki format, as requested above? The current information is outdated. Having a good set of documentation in this area would really ease and improve on the development process.

Thx -

avatar Sub Rosa Pro Jan 27. 2010. 5:05 pm
Yeah any info would be helpful. Documentation is the main thing missing here.

Thx -

avatar leom Mar 12. 2010. 4:50 pm
Has there been any update on a module development guide? Or even just an edit to this post would be great.
avatar Ilija S. Staff Jul 2. 2010. 3:35 pm
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avatar Rahul Bansal Dev Mar 22. 2011. 2:14 pm
Having a developer wiki will be good idea!
You guys can leave it to the community around to keep it updated.
I myself would like to contribute on few aspects of it. :-)
avatar Guy Cortesi Dev Mar 22. 2011. 5:34 pm
I really like the idea of a developer Wiki.

Ilija - do you want to host it so it is on your site? If not, I'll be glad to host a Wiki thru my companies site. I'd be glad to turn this in a developer wiki.

I can post what I have already collected on activeCollab app development. I had an intern working for me last summer and we worked on some apps and produced some documentation, but nothing was posted publicly, since they wasn't anywhere to put it. Right now, I've been keeping my documentation my own instance of activeCollab in Pages.
avatar Ilija S. Staff Mar 23. 2011. 8:14 am
Guy Cortesi:
Do you want to host it so it is on your site?

Sorry, we do not plan to host a wiki at the moment. We may consider it in the future. Community can provide development resources, of course, and we'll contribute as time and our other activities let us.
avatar Guy Cortesi Dev Mar 23. 2011. 7:31 pm
OK - I created a community Wiki for activeCollab developer documentation and started to add what I have been accumulating. It has a basic guide eSolve Solutions has been putting together for creating a basic module and also includes links to the current documentation, etc. I'll continue to add more to it, but please feel free to update / correct, etc. This will work best if a number of developers post info. I'd be willing to help cleanup your posts and information and act as a intermediary to the info gets out to the community. Up to now, it has been scarce and hard to find. Here is the Wiki Enjoy and please contribute!

Guy Cortesi
eSolve Solutions, Inc.
avatar Ilija S. Staff Mar 25. 2011. 3:09 pm
Hello Guy,

Thanks for that. We'll consider development wiki in the future as part of, but it's just not something that we can do at the moment due to all the work that we have to do for activeCollab 3.
avatar Guy Cortesi Dev Mar 25. 2011. 3:16 pm
I understand - that is why I started one for the community. Ilija - if you'd consider a link to somewhere on the site, the Wiki might get more traffic and more will know about it. This discussion post is a good start, but maybe a link in "Developer's Guide" under Support would be helpful. Looking forward to AC 3.

Guy Cortesi
eSolve Solutions, Inc.
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