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avatar Charles Powers Pro Aug 4. 2011. 9:19 pm
Does activecollab have any plans on including their own email management system? I am aware of the third party email manager module, although my company would prefer if activecollab had their own, secure and integrated module built it. Each time someone in my company uploads multiple files, tasks, etc. - whoever is on the project gets bombarded with emails. Its more of a deterrent than motivational and its counterproductive to the product you are selling. Thanks.
avatar gareso Aug 8. 2011. 11:10 pm
I completely agree with that. In my case, I even decided that no e-mail is better than this massive bombardment of e-mails... so I put wrong mail settings to make it stop working.
avatar Erik Pro Aug 15. 2011. 2:56 am
Now that AC is near 3.0, it would be a crying shame to not see a communications management module or some type of 'feature'... It's a basic duty of all admins to make sure communications are handled repsonsibly, would be nice if AC made it easy to manage and not have the overflow of emails...

Hasn't anyone ever had a digest email before? I like the instant notifications, but would like it more if I had the option of managing information that is sent to users, and not just in the form of shoddy templates.
avatar willemn Dev Aug 15. 2011. 4:22 am
Its interesting, because it turned out for us, that the reason for "email floods" was that the project managers were not good at assigning and subscribing people as well as had to learn to delegate instead of try to manage communication.

It may be that its not possible to take a closer look at how projects and objects are managed in your cases, but it sounds oddly similar to what happened before we figured it out. Now we actually have added auto reminders as well. (more emails)

To the project managers it is obviously a bombardment, because it works like a twitter feed for them and so it should. To subscribers these things are only annoying if other do not properly tag users no different than people who CC everyone on an email when its completely unnecessary...

Just a couple of weeks ago someone commented on how annoying the system was a few years ago when we first started using it. Little did they know that he system is still the same, we just figured out how to use it..

Not at all saying that this may be the case here, but I just thought I'd share to provide an alternate view that may possibly make sense.
avatar Ilija S. Staff Aug 17. 2011. 11:56 am

In activeCollab 2.3.4 we added subscription list. Go to your profile and from Options drop-down select Subscriptions to see all objects that you are subscribed to. To have the list per project, go to project's overview page and click on My Subscriptions link in info block.

This is not the type of configurability and flow control that you requested in this topic, but you may find it useful if you need to bulk unsubscribe from a lot of objects.
avatar willemn Dev Aug 17. 2011. 1:31 pm
That is great help! thanks for the tip.

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