Calendar module for items unrelated to projects (vacation)

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avatar rclarksean Feb 6. 2012. 7:51 pm
My apologies in advance as a newbie here if I am posting in the wrong spot.

I am looking for an add-on module that improves calendar features. For example, I would like to be able to have my staff post their travel or vacation dates on the calendar - independent of any project. Does a third party module already exist for this? If not, I would be glad to specify what I am looking for.

Thanks in advance!
avatar Stas Kuzma Pro Feb 7. 2012. 7:01 pm
I guess it would be best to customize HR Manager Module developed by us.

If you'll need to customize it according to your requirements feel free to contact us regarding estimation at and use contact us form.
avatar daled Pro Feb 26. 2012. 4:58 am
rclarksean, did you ever end up getting this module created? We are also very interested in having this feature added. Currently we have to run a separate app for our calendars, but would prefer to just use the aC calendar and be able to add arbitrary items into it. We would pay for this module.


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