API Wrapper - Creating new comments, user is not the correct one.

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avatar Ilija S. Staff Feb 16. 2012. 3:09 pm
Hello Zoran,

We'll need to debug this. At this point, activeCollab wrapper is not our highest priority (activeCollab 3 is) so this bug may need to wait until we find some time for it. Give a chance to PHP 5.3 on your production server as well. You'll need it when activeCollab 3 gets out anyway :)
avatar zoranl Feb 18. 2012. 3:03 pm
Hey Ilija, don't bother, it is bug in the SimpleXMLElement class cause of the PHP version, this is solved in further versions of PHP, but I am writing my own parser now for my case :)
avatar Ilija S. Staff Feb 18. 2012. 8:42 pm
Thanks for the feedback, we were not aware that such bug existed. Basic recommendation still stands: always use latest stable builds of your stack (web server, PHP, MySQL) and activeCollab.
avatar zoranl Feb 20. 2012. 12:53 am
Finally, after writing my own parser, I could see that the received data in some cases contained javascript code with script tags in it, in my PHP version I had to strip it down before using the response from the API:
$response = preg_replace('#<script(.*?)>(.*?)</script>#is', '', $response);
avatar Ilija S. Staff Feb 20. 2012. 1:26 pm

Which exact elements had SCRIPT tags in them? Companies should not return any content that has SCRIPT tags. Can you please paste a problematic response, so we can see what's going on?
avatar zoranl Feb 20. 2012. 1:39 pm
For example I am doing the following call:
'/projects/'.$project_id.'/tickets/'.$ticket_id.'&format='.$format with the proper variables and the response I am getting has the correct format plus at the end I am getting this bit of script:

<script type="text/javascript">

I need to strip this in order to parse the response, otherwise I have problems parsing the XML or JSON content.
avatar Ilija S. Staff Feb 20. 2012. 1:46 pm
Thanks for the feedback, that code is added by a third party module. Is it inside of <![CDATA[ ... ]]> element?

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