How can I add tasks to projects?

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avatar vanmarcus Mar 20. 2012. 6:19 am
How i can add task for each project.
avatar Ilija S. Staff Mar 20. 2012. 10:23 pm

You can create checklist, and than define tasks under them or you can add tickets directly to the project. Tickets are tasks in activeCollab 2 (they are renamed to Tasks in upcoming activeCollab 3).
avatar ActiveLabs - Nathan S. Dev Mar 21. 2012. 4:35 am
@vanmarcus -- I'd highly recommend not using the Checklist feature but focusing on the Tickets features in activeCollab 2 (which as Ilija mention will be called Tasks in activeCollab 3). Tickets are a lot more flexible and they open up a lot of value with 3rd party modules too.

Depending on how you structure your business in activeCollab, you might also find it helpful to use projects in a different way --- by setting up a project for each client and using Tickets as "subproject" type container for a list of smaller tasks. It all depends on your business and workflow though, just something to think about.

Hope that helps.

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