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avatar w3 Pro Oct 6. 2007. 4:23 am
I posted this in another thread, but thought I'd start my own. I installed, got all green ok's. Everything is synched. I tried to log in post install, got the handy remove install folder message,.. did it. Tried again, got the license not working, so I dropped it into the config file. Now, I get nothing. No error message, no marks in the server's error log. I can't figure it out at all. And as I have the corporate version, I really want to figure it out ASAP. Here is the URL:

I'm on the mediatemple grid server. Any direction would help.
avatar w3 Pro Oct 6. 2007. 4:26 am
P.S. The link to the install docs from the install file is not correct. You may want to either post a redirect on your end, or make a quick fix for the corporate download package.
avatar Goran Radulović Staff Oct 6. 2007. 4:38 am
Licence file should be copied int folder where is config file located, not into config file.

Can you please restore config file (remove added code) and copy licence file into the folder where is config file located.
Goran Radulovic
A51 DOO | Cofounder
avatar w3 Pro Oct 6. 2007. 4:42 am
My English must be off today. The license file is in the config folder. I did not put any new code into the config file itself (there is technically no "config" file as such. Just test.php and defaults.php, correct? You can see it if you go look (the license.txt file that is).
avatar w3 Pro Oct 6. 2007. 4:44 am
Looks like I'm just missing the init.php file. Where is it supposed to be located?

avatar w3 Pro Oct 6. 2007. 5:01 am
ok, I found one in the activecollab file. I'm just scratching my head on this one. ideas?

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