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avatar MarkOs Oct 8. 2008. 12:46 am
Chances are, if you install these mods on 1.1.4, it will work, however you may lose any changes made to Ticket functionality in the 1.1.4 release (i don't know if there were any). An update for 1.1.4 will be made sometime soon but I can't say when just yet - will be whenever I have the time :)

In 1.1.3 the changes are very stable and tested on FF3, IE7 and Safari 3. On very minor mods.
avatar ActiveLabs - Nathan S. Dev Oct 11. 2008. 10:25 am
I wonder if Ilija could provide some insight on whether this hack would affect 1.1.4 or not -- I would like to try this as well but not wanting to lose any of the new functionality, for auto subscribing etc.

Thanks for this hack, I'll be using it as soon as it's compatible with 1.1.4
avatar Ilija S. Staff Oct 12. 2008. 5:59 pm
I wonder if Ilija could provide some insight on whether this hack would affect 1.1.4 or not

We do like to see people working with the code and making it work the way they want (that's one of the reasons why we offer full source code), but I simply do not have time to examine hacks and check their compatibility and how they might affect the system. Sorry...
avatar ActiveLabs - Nathan S. Dev Oct 20. 2008. 6:44 am
Fair enough, I understand you have a lot to do -- and the responsibility on this hack should be with the author so we'll just wait :) MarkOS --- any update?
avatar MarkOs Oct 20. 2008. 11:13 am
Yep the works been done. Will package up files and upload here tomorrow. :)
avatar MarkOs Oct 21. 2008. 7:18 am
Files updated for 1.1.4 version and re-attached to the second post in this thread :)
avatar Martin Hlo┼żek Oct 31. 2008. 11:55 pm
MarkOs thanks a lot for your hack.
I would like to mention, that is possible to apply this hack to Assignments filter too.
I have edited activecollab\application\modules\resources\views\assignments\index.tpl:
<th class="name">{lang}Category{/lang}</th>

added after <th class="option"></th> and
{if $assignment->getParentId()}    
<span style="font-style:italic;font-size:9px">{category_link object=$assignment}</span>

added as last column in table after
{if $assignment->canDelete($logged_user)}
          {link href=$assignment->getTrashUrl() title='Move to Trash' class=remove_assignment}<img src='{image_url name=gray-delete.gif}' alt='' />{/link}

Works like a charm :-)
avatar joakim2 Pro Dec 3. 2008. 11:02 pm

MarkOS, Will you update this to work with 1.1.15?

Thanks for a great "hack" :-)
avatar MarkOs Dec 5. 2008. 12:52 am
Hi Hellstreet,

Will do as soon as possible however 1.1.5 isn't a priority update for us as there was nothing new intrdoduced that we deemed important for our use.

If anyone wishes to apply hacks to current 1.1.5 code for themselves, my code is quite clearly labelled with comments in each modified file.
avatar mrwookie Jan 9. 2009. 3:09 pm
I would like to know if anyone tried to do a version of this hack for 1.1.5
or if anyone is working on accomplishing this at the moment.
we are very interested in this feature.

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