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avatar Protobit Pro Apr 30. 2009. 2:51 pm
Any chance we'll be seeing these features (especially the time estimates) integrated in a future official release? ;)

While I appreciate the work done here, I'm very reluctant to apply core hacks to the code, since this makes upgrading much more difficult.
avatar Ilija S. Staff Apr 30. 2009. 3:02 pm
Any chance we'll be seeing these features (especially the time estimates) integrated in a future official release? ;)

We'll consider this feature, but I can't promise anything at the moment.
avatar Jim Morrison Pro Jun 24. 2009. 10:54 am
Is this functionality compatible with AC2? If not is there a close equivalent? ... really miss this feature!
avatar heldhuisman Pro Jul 9. 2009. 3:02 pm
No way to get the 1.1.15 version working for 2.1.2?

I got AC for this feature, although it was a hack. It's one of the most important things for to manage your projects well.
In new versions it doesn't work anymore :-( so just 2 months after getting AC it seems pretty worthless to me now...
avatar unrealy Pro Jul 10. 2009. 11:40 am
We actually don't need the time estimate feature. But seeing the due date and the category in the ticket list is critical for us.

I simply added the following line after <span class="right_options"> (Line 47) in activecollab/application/modules/tickets/views/tickets/index.tpl

{if $ticket->getDueOn()}<span style="font-style:italic; font-size: 9px;">{due object=$ticket}</span>{/if}{if instance_of($ticket->getParent(), 'Category')}&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;{category_link object=$ticket}{/if}

(I got a part of it from somewhere in the forum, can't remember where)

As this is a hack it obviously isn't upgradable.

The only problem we got is that the info isn't shown when printing the page, can someone give be a hint about where finding the printing css definitions?

avatar Navneet Pro Jul 19. 2009. 9:51 am
I guess if the username can also show up to whom its assigned, that will be nice. It was in the earlier hack. Trying to find how it can be done in 2.2
avatar Navneet Pro Jul 24. 2009. 2:04 pm
Not able to find it.
Can someone guide me how to have username also show up along with the due dates?
avatar bean_nwfc Sep 5. 2009. 7:35 pm
It's very easy to do, just add (I don't remember where I get it, but it's somewhere in the forum)

{if $ticket->hasAssignees()}
 <span class="details block">{object_assignees object=$ticket}
{if $ticket->getDueOn()} | {due object=$ticket}.{/if}</span>

Here it come, with assignees and due date,
Hope this help :-)
avatar bean_nwfc Sep 6. 2009. 7:09 am
Hi every one,

I'm very proud to announce, I have successfully convert this module to work with AC 2.1.x. I'm happy to share my work with everyone, hope this will help people around here :-) (Also, thanks the author for original script :-))

+ Display assignees and due date
+ Display category along with the ticket
+ Ticket content expander and collapser
+ Add edit button

Note: I don't use time estimate, so the mod is lack of this feature.

Only 3 file to modify, (the expand image I reuse from checklist module)

Finally, drag it :-)
avatar ActiveLabs - Nathan S. Dev Jan 8. 2010. 3:10 am
Does anyone know if this works with 2.2 or 2.3? I would really like to use this.

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