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avatar sccrwoohoo Pro Aug 22. 2008. 2:21 pm
We just hired a new project manager and their number one issue with ActiveCollab is the amount of work it takes for her to go through each project and pull the needed information to have project meetings company wide to understand who is working on which pieces on the number of projects we have running.

She gave me a list of reports that she would love to see - I haven't seen this yet on ActiveCollab, but I would be willing to hiring someone to develop these. I would prefer to pay the ActiveCollab team so it something built into the program because we don't want to lose the ability to upgrade our site. Here's that list of reports:

Ticket Report
This report, would break up all of the tickets by Company, then Project, then to list the tickets, their titles, small summary, due date, and whose responsible and assigned.

Personal Assignment Report
This report would let us choose which user and all of the items assigned to that individual broken down by Project. Within each project there would be a summary of the Milestone dates, Checklists, and tickets.

avatar sccrwoohoo Pro Aug 25. 2008. 12:41 pm
Is anyone interested in taking on a paying gig to do this?
avatar andy3 Pro Sep 16. 2008. 10:33 pm
I would be interested in your project, send me a private message and we can discuss the details.
avatar greenschool Pro Sep 17. 2008. 5:22 am

My company would do it -

We could split the costs and do it for $30 an hour. Im not sure how many hours it would take. Mainly we need to agree on the info to query and get some sample in PSD of how the data should look.

Maybe you could select what info you want listed in a report and then the pdf is generated and is shown in a list order to download.

matt [at]
avatar wolfbylsma Pro Jan 19. 2009. 2:58 am
This would be a most welcome addition to AC as an extension/plugin. Could you advise if this was completed and if you would be willing to license it to other AC users?
avatar RedClay Pro Jan 20. 2009. 7:19 pm
We would love to have these features as well. I have written a couple custom reports, but I will have to re-integrate them when the next update comes out.

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