Release: Notifications module, automatic reminders (UPDATED)

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avatar Valdemar May 29. 2009. 7:44 am
What do other e-mails sent look like? Do they look different than what is sent from my module?
Casper Valdemar, aC hacker ;)
avatar MarkA Pro May 29. 2009. 7:49 am
Please don't hate me for this stupid mistake .. apparently, I have some task (for testing I sued actual project info) on basecamp and ironically enough, the day I installed your module I got the notification so I think I was thinking that your brilliant module is the one that sent it.. sorry for the confusion..
avatar Valdemar May 29. 2009. 7:50 am
:) No problem - glad you got it sorted.
Casper Valdemar, aC hacker ;)
avatar 2bepublished Pro Jun 4. 2009. 5:28 pm
Hello Valdemar,

I do not get any notification mail. I switched to debug mode and I cannot find any hints in the log file. The "normal" notifications when creating a ticket are sent correctly. Do you have any hints what is wrong?

Thank you in advance!

Regards, Christoph
avatar shuffer Pro Jun 4. 2009. 9:18 pm
This worked for us on AC 2.1.1. it's a great enhancement. Thanks to Valdemar :)
avatar Valdemar Jun 4. 2009. 10:29 pm
Do you have any hints what is wrong?

Hi Christoph,

Please check your Scheduled Tasks page, and see if the Hourly job is being run once every hour. The hourly.php is what triggers the notifications.
Casper Valdemar, aC hacker ;)
avatar Leon Poole Dev Jun 5. 2009. 4:58 am
Valdemar this module is very handy! Installed it the other day and got my first friendly email reminder just now. Nice work and thank you! :)
avatar 2bepublished Pro Jun 5. 2009. 8:33 am
Thank you Valdemar,

it works now!

My problem was, that I set the time of notification incorrectly. In the notification administration the system time differs (-2) from the activeCollab (and server) system time - I am here in Vienna, Austria.

Is it possible, to show the system time correctly in the administration? Or do I have to make any modifications to get the time shown correctly?

Thanks, Christoph
avatar Valdemar Jun 5. 2009. 10:05 am

The cronjob is actually running system time, and that's what you should schedule against, not the time + your timezone.
Casper Valdemar, aC hacker ;)
avatar Alexey Ignatenko Pro Jun 6. 2009. 9:02 am
Dear Valdemar,

Your module is working great, thank you.
I've found a small issue - notifications are sent for open and closed tickets/milestones. Already closed objects don't require notifications, I think.

I've attached a small update that I use to fix this.
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