Release: Notifications module, automatic reminders (UPDATED)

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avatar billdavis Pro Jun 18. 2009. 2:10 pm
Great plug-in to Collab, we have been waiting for a feature like this. One thing that we did notice that may need to be fixed - if a ticket is closed and has a future due date, the notifications are still generated.

Is there a way to filter out closed tickets/tasks from the notifications?
avatar Valdemar Jun 19. 2009. 8:39 am
Hi bill,

Alexey fixed this on the previous page, but I've also updated the module and attached a new version to this thread and the Downloads section.

Thanks Alexey! It completely slipped my mind :) thanks for fixing.
Casper Valdemar, aC hacker ;)
avatar robert1966 Jun 22. 2009. 4:33 am

Just wondering if something got messed up when you last updated the download in the first post. I just found this thread, but when I downloaded from the link in the first post, I get a zip that says 1.2 but inside the NotificationsModule.class.php file it shows a version of 1.1 and when installed it doesn't appear any different than the 1.1 version I had previously installed.


avatar robert1966 Jun 22. 2009. 4:40 am
Ok...never mind. There is an issue (it still shows version 1.1) but its actually 1.2. I had just done my first install a few days ago. I realize now by reading the new features that I already had 1.2 (must have gotten it right after it was released) and it just SAYS its 1.1 in the admin.

The file in the downloads section of the site has the same error by the way...just checked it.
avatar Valdemar Jun 22. 2009. 4:51 am
My bad.. was a quick fix - I'll update the zip. So yes Robert, you have the latest version.
Casper Valdemar, aC hacker ;)
avatar robert1966 Jun 22. 2009. 4:54 am
Nice module, by the way. :)

avatar Digital Vasca Pro Aug 5. 2009. 12:09 pm
I try it on aC v1.1.4 and the module fails to open the require file info.php
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avatar Oliver M. Staff Aug 5. 2009. 12:18 pm
The module requires activeCollab v2.1. The structure of activeCollab modules is changed (improved) a bit in v2.x and, unfortunately, modules written for activeCollab v2.x they cannot be used with activeCollab 1.x.
avatar ActiveLabs - Nathan S. Dev Aug 5. 2009. 5:57 pm
Wow! I didn't know this existed -- I was just thinking about how I wish this feature existed. Is this for AC 2.x ? (oops -- I obviously was just looking at Page 1 of the thread when I asked this) I am very eager to test this out. Thanks!
avatar ActiveLabs - Nathan S. Dev Aug 5. 2009. 6:30 pm
Just a quick note, I downloaded what is called 1.2 but in my Modules area it shows as version 1.1 -- not sure if that's an issue with the version or the download isn't really 1.2 as the filename suggests
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