iCal feeds and Google Calendar

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avatar michielvoo Jun 4. 2010. 8:59 am
We recently switched to Google Apps, and it would be great to see milestones in the calendar. I can use the subscribe link to add a project calendar to my Google Calendar view. But the problem is that it doesn't update if I then change or add milestones.

Does anyone here have any experience with this sort of thing?

avatar Ilija S. Staff Jun 5. 2010. 7:59 am

It make take some time for Google Calendar to automatically refresh feed. Does it properly import new milestones if you manually refresh the feed?
avatar michielvoo Jun 5. 2010. 10:53 am

I just found out it can take 4+ hours before Google Calendar updates, there's no way to manually refresh. Google Apps support indicates they are working on a solution.

Thanks for your reply.

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