activeCollab 3 Chit Chat Tour (Prague, Berlin, Amsterdam, Paris, Zurich)

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avatar Ilija S. Staff Jul 1. 2011. 1:51 pm
Instead of a lazy seaside vacation, part of activeCollab team will spend this summer on a small trip across Europe.

The idea is to meet with all of you who are interested in activeCollab 3, web application development, challenges of being a small business, and other topics that may interest you, and have a relaxed chit chat in your home town.

Here are the cities that we'll visit:

1. Prague, Czech Republic - July 17th & July 18th
2. Berlin, Germany - July 20th to July 22nd
3. Amsterdam, Netherlands - July 24th and July 25th
4. Paris, France - July 27nd and July 28th
5. Zurich, Switzerland - July 30th

Our goal is to have this as simple as possible, so there's no venues, schedules etc. Since these are your hometowns, feel free to suggest a place where we can meet and have a cup of coffee or something.

We look forward to meet you!

PS: To get the updates, check out this page and #actour hashtag on Twitter.
avatar AppSaloon Pro Jul 1. 2011. 3:04 pm

A really nice initiative!!
I'd like to join you for a coffee, even if I have to go to the Netherlands for that (I'm from Belgium).
How can we stay up to date about practical things? For example the schedule of the 2 days)
avatar Erik Pro Jul 1. 2011. 5:38 pm
Would love to have a Skype chat or even IRC meeting regarding my 'interest' in AC 3.
avatar Holger (Kombinat Berlin) Pro Jul 1. 2011. 8:30 pm
Hi Ilja,

this is a great idea and initiative!

I'm really looking forward to meeting you in person.

And as for coffee: I've spent some years working with the most ambitious and well accredited people in roasting and brewing in Berlin. So consider that matter covered :)

Good night,
avatar Apps Magnet - Nirav Mehta Dev Jul 2. 2011. 11:18 am
Sounds great. I wish I could attend one. :-)

For people from Mumbai / Bangalore:
I will be in Bangalore on 8th and 9th July (attending UnPluggd - a startup event). (and if all goes well, we plan to do a preview of our activeCollab desktop client at the event)

So if you are in Bangalore and into activeCollab, would love to meet up with you.

Anyone around Mumbai wants to catch up, we are happy to host a meetup in our office!

avatar Ilija S. Staff Jul 3. 2011. 6:59 pm
Hi, hi,

We'll be passing by many interesting cities that we would like to visit as well (Budapest, Vienna, Brussels...), but we listed only cities that we'll be staying for at least a night and a whole day. That way everything can be more relaxed and simpler, instead of making complicated arrangements that depend on the time when we are passing by and making breaks. But..


Personally, I would LOVE to stop by and stay for a night in Brussels, meet up with you guys, stroll the streets etc, but we are on a really tight schedule, so that may not be possible.

What we can do (at least) is make a break somewhere near Brussels on our way to Paris. If you know a place near highway where we can make a break and meet, that would be great. How hard is to get to the city from a highway? For the other cities, we plan to use P+R, instead of going with a car in the city itself (less stress that way).


Not the same ;-) More info on activeCollab 3 will be posted in the next couple of weeks, so you'll see what's coming and when you'll be able to actually use the software. I'm sill all for: "don't talk about it (publicly ;) ) until you ship it."


Great! Looking forward to meet you! :))

PS: This was just a quick announcement. More details will be posted after we send out the newsletter tomorrow. Primary ways of communication will be Twitter (watch #actour hashtag), email and SMS.
avatar willemn Dev Jul 3. 2011. 10:18 pm
I'm from the Amsterdam area, and we are working on opening an office there in the next few months. Too bad it looks like I cant make this happen in time (its only an 8 hour flight...)

Although I can recommend some great places to hang out... :)

oh... I'm in Chicago...USA
avatar ActiveLabs - Nathan S. Dev Jul 4. 2011. 12:01 am
@Ilija - I would love to be able to catch one of these too... too bad you can't drive by Canada! ;)

Hope the tour goes well, and I hope people will post some pictures so the rest of us can join in the fun. Will be watching the hashtag for sure!
avatar Guy Cortesi Dev Jul 4. 2011. 1:08 pm
This is a great idea. Unfortunately, travel to Europe won't work for me for now this summer. I'm in the upstate New York...USA area.
avatar neugebauer Jul 4. 2011. 2:04 pm
Sounds great.

I am from Potsdam (near Berlin) and would like to meet you guys at your Berlin stop.

As a "satisfied customer" our agency can sponsor a meeting room (up to 20 person) here in Potsdam - if there is need for it.

Best regards,
CEO / das MedienKombinat GmbH (
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