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avatar jsonnabend Dec 19. 2011. 3:15 pm
Is there a way to post appointments (i.e, tasks with a specific date *and* time) to a project's calendar? If that feature is available, out of the box or with an add-on, then I think AC is going to work for me.

avatar Ilija S. Staff Dec 19. 2011. 3:45 pm

Sorry, system does not support tasks with due date and time. Still, you can add a task, set its due date and include time details in task summary, as summary:

"Google Homepage Redesign (needs to be done by 5PM), due on 20th December 2011"
avatar jsonnabend Dec 19. 2011. 4:14 pm
Yes, except then it doesn't show in the calendar with any time. That's a major oversight. Deadlines aren't just by day, they are often by time.

Oh well, back to the search for a full featured project management tool.
avatar Ilija S. Staff Dec 19. 2011. 4:17 pm
Sure, we understand that our approach might not work for you. Thank you for your time (no pun intended :) ).
avatar ActiveLabs - Nathan S. Dev Dec 20. 2011. 4:24 am
@jsonnabend - I can definitely understand that everyone's needs are different and you may have a major need for this feature. I also thought when I first started using activeCollab that it was odd that you couldn't set a specific time. That being said, I have realized what many people have as you begin to use it -- for many workflows the exact time something needs to be delivered is not as important as originally thought because if things are running smoothly it's already completed before the "time" it's needed. Having a reference is often more than enough.

The great thing is, if you do actually need the exact time entered and trackable for something like appointments on the calendar it can be customized via module development to fit exactly what you need.

I think you'll be hard pressed to find any system that has everything that everyone needs "a.k.a. full featured" --- but I hope you find one that you feel has everything you need. Whatever you do choose, I'd highly recommend something that gives you the ability to customize with 3rd party addons or custom development because you are bound to outgrow or change from whatever features you need today and it's important to have something that can morph and grow with you.

Hope your search goes well, if you reconsider activeCollab and I can help in anyway -- let me know.
avatar jsonnabend Dec 20. 2011. 6:53 pm
Nathan, thanks for the thoughts. I need times to track appointments (most importantly, docket dates for court appearances).

My current thinking is to go with AC and have someone write a custom appointment module for me. Is that something your shop could handle?

- Jeff
avatar ActiveLabs - Nathan S. Dev Dec 20. 2011. 8:13 pm
You are very welcome Jeff, and I'm glad you are looking at aC with some customization, you wont be disappointed. We could definitely handle this request -- Let's connect to talk more about the goals you have for the solution. Send me a PM or feel free to contact me via our contact page
avatar Jason A. Pro Apr 1. 2012. 3:59 pm
FWIW not having actual time-based appointments is a major constraint for us as well. Our previous project system had calendering and it was very useful (though it had many deficiencies elsewhere).

We did decide to go with AC anyway and suck it up.

If anyone develops true calendering/appointments as a module/addon we would be interested in that project.

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