activeCollab 3 upgrade script

Stable version of activeCollab 3 has been released on May 21st 2012. The historical information on these pages is provided for information only, and is no longer relevant! Please use other non-archived forums to ask questions and get relevant information.

avatar bherila Pro Jan 14. 2012. 7:03 pm
Hi all, I know it's not supported yet, but is there a way to upgrade/import data from activeCollab 2.x? It would be really useful to try out activeCollab with all the existing data that I currently have in my 2.x setup without having to enter it all again.
avatar Ilija S. Staff Jan 14. 2012. 8:13 pm

We do not recommend data upgrade at this point, and therefore don't provide instructions for that. When upgrade is polished and feature set is complete, we'll provide all information that's needed to upgrade your activeCollab 2.x.
avatar Chris F. Pro Jan 18. 2012. 1:20 am
It would be useful to have this for testing purposes, I have made a duplicate of the SQL database so it doesn't matter if it breaks the data, is this simply not working or is it just not recommende?
avatar Ilija S. Staff Jan 18. 2012. 1:25 am
Hello Chris,

We tested upgrade script through initial call for data (a couple of weeks ago) and through developers program. It is stable and we upgraded ~30 data sets of different size and different age (some as old as open source days, circa 2006). Further testing will be needed when beta becomes more stable, and at that point we'll provide upgrade instructions that everyone can use, but not before than.

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