Mobile login fails if Status Module is disabled

Stable version of activeCollab 3 has been released on May 21st 2012. The historical information on these pages is provided for information only, and is no longer relevant! Please use other non-archived forums to ask questions and get relevant information.

avatar emcdaniel Mar 22. 2012. 2:38 pm
I get an invalid params error when trying to login to the mobile interface if the Status Module is disabled.

Enabling the Module allows me to login again.
avatar Jovana D. Staff Mar 22. 2012. 3:14 pm
Thank you for reporting this issue, we'll have it covered as soon as possible.
avatar Stas Kuzma Pro Mar 22. 2012. 3:14 pm
Moreover, when we add our custom modules rewritten to support ac3, we get the same. Specifically it's RedirectTo

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