activeCollab 3.0.6 BETA, Available for Download

Stable version of activeCollab 3 has been released on May 21st 2012. The historical information on these pages is provided for information only, and is no longer relevant! Please use other non-archived forums to ask questions and get relevant information.

avatar somwicked Pro Mar 28. 2012. 9:36 pm
Assets folder in 3.0.6 archive appears to be empty.
avatar Ilija S. Staff Mar 28. 2012. 9:37 pm
It is - system will automatically refresh it on first run.
avatar somwicked Pro Mar 28. 2012. 9:45 pm
And if it doesn't?
avatar Ilija S. Staff Mar 28. 2012. 9:47 pm
Than it's probably a permissions issue with a given folder. activeCollab 3 always ships with empty assets folder:

1. After installation, content of that folder is populated on first request
2. During update, content of that folder is updated by last upgrade step

If this does not happen, problem is usually inability of activeCollab to copy files in that folder, so we recommend that you check folder permissions.

PS: You can force refresh assets using developers popup in lower right corner of the interface. Click on it and select "Rebuild Images" option.
avatar somwicked Pro Mar 28. 2012. 11:13 pm

I actually reapplied owner, group and wide-open permissions recursively. No change. Also didn't see the developer button in the lower right corner.

Emptied browser caches. Tested with different browsers. No change.

Backed up the DB. Removed all files. Reinstalled. Reapplied owner, group, permissions. Tested - ok. Restored the already upgraded DB.

Still had a few issues with images but I've narrowed it down to something with APC not refreshing the cache. Still not sure what or why yet but will work through it.
avatar Ilija S. Staff Mar 29. 2012. 11:00 am
That's odd. What happens if you wipe APC cache and start over?
avatar Sebastian Kacperski Mar 29. 2012. 12:14 pm
I don't see an additional download section on my profile... Where i can download v3?
avatar Ilija S. Staff Mar 29. 2012. 12:20 pm
Hello Gregory,

activeCollab 3 beta is available to customers who purchased or renewed their licenses since October 1st 2009. Your license is older, so you'll need to renew your upgrade and support subscription to get access to this release.
avatar sgradwohl Pro Mar 29. 2012. 12:57 pm
One Question for Upgrade-Process from 3.0.3 to 3.0.6:

I just copied over all files from the "for-upload"-folder, but after that i can't log in anymore :-(

"Recover your password" doesn't send any email, so how can i log-in again? Can i change/reset the password directly in the DB?
avatar Ilija S. Staff Mar 29. 2012. 1:17 pm
Sorry, upgrade instructions between beta builds are a bit different:

1. Upload content of /activecollab/3.0.6 folder to your server
2. Go to /public/upgrade and run the upgrade script
3. Check /config/version.php to confirm that upgrade script correctly updated the file

It's much simpler than activeCollab 2 upgrades. We'll update upgrade documentation during the day.
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