Pending payment after invoice draft is deleted, bug or not?

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avatar hugo.lang Pro May 15. 2012. 4:58 pm
I don't know if this is a bug or a defined function:

When I create a invoice based on billable logged time and thereafter deletes the invoice, without having it issued, the logged time isn't changed back to billable! Why this? This is also the case if you edit the invoice draft and delete invoiced items, then these still holds the status payment pending!

It's a bit annoying since I've created filter-templates based on the billable time, and sometimes you need to edit the created draft or re-do the invoice, then you can't find the invoice unless you select pending payment.
avatar Ilija S. Staff May 15. 2012. 6:14 pm
Hi Hugo,

Which activeCollab version are you using? Version number is displayed in System Information block on Administration page.
avatar hugo.lang Pro May 15. 2012. 8:19 pm
I use 3.0.14
avatar Ilija S. Staff May 15. 2012. 8:51 pm
Hi Hugo,

Thanks, we'll double check this.
avatar leo L. Pro May 16. 2012. 4:17 am
I can confirm the issue. I had this this morning. Created from filter on Client/This month, noticed some issues being incorrect and deleted the draft.

All time records are no longer showing up in the Filter but are

marked in the individual records as "pending payment" (as if 'issued').

I had to delete all of them and re-enter all related time records to be able to do billing

version 3.0.14
avatar Jovana D. Staff May 16. 2012. 12:19 pm
Hi Hugo & Leo,
we can not seem to reproduce this issue in out test environment. Could you please give us the exact reproduction steps, so we can try to figure out where the problem is.

Thank you
avatar hugo.lang Pro May 16. 2012. 2:08 pm
For a given project you log some billable hours.
Then if you go to the Reports & Filters -> Time and expenses and filter by project and billable hours. From here you create an invoice by the provided link at the bottom. By this state the hours has now the status 'payment pending'. After creating the invoice draft you simply delete it.

Now if you try to create the same invoice with the same procedure you can't find the billable hours since the delete of the first invoice didn't reset the pending payment status to billable.
avatar leo L. Pro May 16. 2012. 2:09 pm
create multiple projects for one client with for each project separate tasks. Place billable hours to some of the tasks in several projects.

Now you have tasks/projects for a single client with on some of these tasks "billable hours"

Now you do a filter on Clientname/This month/ No sum on user + shows all hours you have created before "billable" very well as expected. Now hit the create invoice button > Invoice 'Draft' is created.

You now delete the draft and run the same Filter again: Result is empty!

Now remember where you made "billable" hours. Go to one and look at the "clock" If you click on the stopwatch you will see the "billable" hours as being "pending payment"

avatar leo L. Pro May 16. 2012. 2:10 pm
Seems that Hugo and I did the same (see posts: Shake hands Hugo!) so it is definitely a bug ;-)

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