Tasks vs Todos

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avatar james2 Pro Jun 1. 2012. 5:39 pm
Heya, this is half question, half suggestion. The todo and task features are awfully familiar in terms of functionality and UI. Can I ask why AC3 has them separated? It ends up being rather confusing.

As a request. I'd like to be able to re-order the sub-tasks/todos, not just the main container task/todo.

avatar Ilija S. Staff Jun 2. 2012. 8:34 am
Hi James,

To do lists are primary task management tool for activeCollab Small Biz, while Tasks are available only in Corporate (To do module is available, but not installed by default). If you are a Corporate user, you should install and use To Do Lists only if you actually need them (if not, simply uninstall the module).

Sub tasks can be reordered. To do that, click on Reorder link next to New Subtask link in subtask listing. To do lists can't be reordered at the moment, sorry, but we'll consider that for the upcoming releases.
avatar james2 Pro Jun 2. 2012. 2:51 pm
Woops, missed the reorder link, thanks.

I guess I struggled at why I should use tasks over todo. What functional difference am I missing.

So far the only difference I can see is that for tasks, I can track time and assign a "Due Date" as well as a milestone (which I can do for both).

Anything else?

avatar Ilija S. Staff Jun 3. 2012. 4:58 pm
Hi Jumes,

Check second sentence in my previous post ;-) These tools cover the same problem, but they are designed for two different activeCollab version. In activeCollab Corporate we provide To Do module as an option, but you should use it ONLY if you have use for it (and it sounds like you don't based on the type question that you are asking).
avatar james2 Pro Jun 3. 2012. 5:11 pm
Yeah I saw it, I didn't think it answered what I as asking so I was seeking clarification. It basically sounded like "it's different because you paid more!" which really wasn't telling me how it worked differently in terms of features ;)

I've figured out enough to disable what I won't be using, thanks for your help!

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