Looking for the best Trello alternative?

Active Collab has everything you love about Trello - plus much more!

Move tasks as cards like you used to, plus get key features of a professional project management tool.

Get the features Trello doesn't have:

Time Tracking

Set hourly rates and track time spent on tasks.


Keep track of all your projects and payments.

Timeline View

Manage and schedule tasks on a Gantt-like timeline.


Issue invoices based on tracked time.


Own your data - install Active Collab on your server.

Estimates & Budgeting

Create project estimates and track expenses on your projects.

Free Add-ons

Connect to other apps no matter what plan you're on.

Personal Dashboard

See all your tasks, notifications, and activity on one page.

Custom Calendars

Add dates without creating tasks and cluttering your projects.

How much will it cost?

The first month is completely FREE!
After that, the price depends on your team size.

How big is your team?
Active Collab
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Per month
All Active Collab plans include unlimited projects and clients
Try Active Collab, copy your Trello boards, and start being more productive.

Hope you'll enjoy it!

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