Entertainment and Games

If we hadn't have used activeCollab for this remake of Alien Breed, I'm sure it would have been a very different game, it's been a great help.

Ian L.

I've always liked activeCollab for its ease of use and quick workflow.

Design Studios

The price is a no brainer for anyone who actually has projects to manage, and the features are over the top. I wouldn't trade her in for anything!

The “killer feature” is its simplicity. When a Client demands that their project be managed in a virtual environment, activeCollab allows them to easily get involved because of its straightforward approach.

Sean R.
Savvy Pro Web

Marketing Agencies

The task management and time tracking functionality are absolutely fantastic. When combined with the recently released activeCollab timers (for Mac and Windows), it makes it easy to keep track of every bit of time in a non-intrusive and intuitive manner.

Our first impression of activeCollab was surprise. Surprise that we'd never heard of it before and surprised that there was a better alternative to Basecamp.

Dave D.

Software Companies

We did a deep research of project management systems available on the market with the ability to make customizations. As each company is specific, we needed something very close to Agile project management and activeCollab was the best solution on the market.

Stas K.

We selected activeCollab because we were impressed by the excellent user community, lengthy history, solid support, and available source code.

… and More

We chose activeCollab over three other project management tools. The main reasons for this choice were the following; activeCollab can be installed on our own server, it has a one time payment, it is possible to customise it if needed and it can be translated into the Russian language.

Julija V.
venture fund: Interminatis Systems Corp.

...Not only do I rave, and will continue to rave about your software, but I will also rave about your stellar customer service. I will probably reference this support experience for years to come, when in need of providing examples of what customer service is all about.

Ryan G.

activeCollab is a really great product. I needed a system that could manage all projects, automate invoices and coordinate with all the employees. With activeCollab, I have all of that. After I completed the demo version, I had decided that this this was an ideal project management system for me. This is why I have chosen to stick with activeCollab. A special thanks to development team. You rock!

Dmitriy Ch.
Freelance web developer

The Speicher 210-team was looking for a project management tool that completely goes with its requirements… sharing documents in real-time, discussing and assigning tasks, having the opportunity to work in close collaboration with clients and suppliers… and found activeCollab.

When we first created a demo account on activeCollab website, first thing that made an impression was its sleek and user-friendly interface. You can call it love at first sight!

Osman A.

activeCollab helps us provide an uncommon level of professionalism and service to our clients; as a partial result of the organization this tool provides, we wind up looking like rock stars.

Paul B.
16toads Design
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